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    Piranda was an initiative created by a cross-cultural missionary team in Romania that witnessed the daily hardships of the Roma and Romanian people, who had been marginalized and lived in extreme poverty. The team always wanted to make a real difference, but for every food package delivered to a hungry family, every donation to a beggar, every diaper given to a young and desperate mother, it still didn’t seem to be enough. The circumstances of the people never seemed to change.  

    We desire to make a bigger impact. Piranda is a part of seeing the circumstances of the Roma and Romanian people change. Piranda is a tangible way to make a real difference in the lives of the hungry, the least of these, and the hopeless. We believe that all people are created in the image of God. We believe all people, regardless of race or status, deserve to be offered Dignity, Hope and Faith.

    Our BUY ONE GIVE ALL model is simple. When you purchase a Piranda product you EMPOWER women and their families. Piranda reinvests its profits back into the lives of the impoverished in Romania. Piranda, although started as a ministry project of Belief in Motion (501-3c Non-Profit), has grown to where it is today. We partner with the Belief in Motion team in our efforts to employ, educate, and evangelize women and their families in Romania. Through our efforts, we hope to establish new homes for the impoverished and eradicate poverty one "step" at a time. 
    If you would like more information on Belief in Motion, please visit www.beliefinmotion.org


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